E-Cigarette Tanks: An Introduction

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With the many different varieties of tanks and atomizer heads in the market, it may seem impossible to work out which is the best one to use. This article will help you understand tanks so that you’ll be able to find the perfect one for your needs.

Tanks are considered to be a natural evolution of e-cigarettes. In 2009 when e-liquids became more accessible, development to make e-cigarettes easily refillable and hold more fluid also started. This development is what we now call "tanks". 

You may be wondering why are there so many different types of tanks and atomizer heads? The answer is simple, it just boils down to people’s ‘choices’ and technical developments. A number of users own many different tanks and switch between tanks depending on their preference. Each tank has their own unique characteristic but ultimately it simply holds e-liquids. 

Essentially, there are 2 different styles of vaping: Direct to Lung (DTL) and Mouth to lung (MTL)
Those looking to quit smoking would usually opt for MTL. Mouth to lung tanks usually have an atomizer fitted that will run on a lower power setting (typically between 10 and 20 Watts, wattage range usually stated somewhere on the body of the coil or the packaging). They also have a more restrictive draw which delivers an experience closer to smoking a cigarette, i.e. drawing vapour into the mouth and then inhaling.
Generally, once somebody has been through the MTL route they often progress to DTL. Direct to Lung tanks are fitted with atomizer/coils that have a lower resistance, usually below 1 ohm giving rise to the term “Sub Ohm”, which means that the coils heat up very quickly and quite intensely, thereby producing at least 3 times more vapour than the typical MTL coils/tanks.

For this reason, DTL tanks are equipped with wider ranging, adjustable air flow valves to cool the coils. DTL involves drawing deeply and swiftly (similar to smoking a shisha pipe) which cools the coil with the passage of lots of air around the coil and producing large volumes of vapour at the same time. DTL – drawing the vapour straight back into one’s lungs.
MTL tanks can also have adjustable air flow valves but the hole inlet size is much smaller than that of a DTL/Sub Ohm tank.
If you were to attempt MTL through a sub ohm device/tank then the chances are that the coil would overheat and burn out prematurely. Alternatively, if you were to attempt DTL through a MTL device/tank (typical Starter Kit) then the draw would be too tight a draw and comparatively less satisfying than a sub ohm device.

Here are some of the things that you need to take into consideration when looking for tanks:

1.      Mouth to lung (MTL) or Direct to Lung (DTL)
Probably the most important point to consider, taking note of your vaping style will affect your choices of tanks.

2.       Price
Tanks come in different prices, ranging from a budget friendly £5 to a high-end £30. Choose the one that fits your budget. 

3.       Size
According to the Tobacco and Related Products Regulation of 2016, an e-cigarette tank should be capped at 2ml. Because of this, there are no e-liquid tanks that are bigger than 2ml but there are tanks that hold less than 2ml.

4.       Atomizer type
There are tanks that are designed to only work with a specific atomizer head so make sure that you double check this before buying. 

5.       Power requirements
Tanks and atomizer head combinations work on specific batteries. Most work using the standard 3.7V while others work best on varying voltage and wattage devices. Remember to check the compatibilities.

6.      Looks
Did you know that tanks come in many different colours and style? Feel free to experiment and express your personal style!

E-Cigilicious are proud to offer a range of quality products suitable for everyone. We know it’s important to get it right, which is why we work hard to provide everyone with all the necessary facts and information. We even produce electronic cigarette tutorials. Visit our website for more information on the products we sell and the support we offer.

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