What to expect in your E-Cig starter kit

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So, you’ve decided to make the change and switch smoking for vaping - we salute you! Vaping is a fantastic alternative to smoking, and it eradicates the harmful chemicals that are found in cigarettes nowadays. The first step for any beginner looking to enter the world of vaping is finding the perfect piece of equipment to get you started. To help make this step a little easier, we’ve decided to explain exactly what comes in a standard e-cigarette starter kit, including some important additional items to consider.

Starter kits include all the necessary equipment and full written instructions to help you smoothly transition from vaping to e-cigarettes, and it’s absolutely vital that you find the right kit and the right e-liquid. At this early stage, if you choose the wrong equipment it could result in a negative experience with vaping. A standard vaping starter kit will include a mouthpiece(drip tip), liquid tank containing an atomizer (coil), which will hold and heat your e-liquid, along with a rechargeable battery and charging cable. They’re also extremely affordable, which means you could be saving money.

E-Liquids are not usually included in starter kits, so it’s important to look into buying these separately. This is also a vital element to the success of your vaping transition. A good E-cigarette/Vape Shop will offer free tasting and assist with guidance in flavor and nicotine strength. E-liquids are available in a range of nicotine strengths, which makes them perfect to help you throughout your journey to quitting smoking. The great thing about e-liquids is that there are so many flavours available to choose from, including apple, menthol, tobacco and even bubblegum. 

E-cigarette providers are a font of knowledge for beginners, making them the perfect source to offer advice on use, maintenance, and even replacement parts to keep your e-cigarette in perfect working condition. 

E-Cigilicious are proud to offer a range of quality products suitable for everyone that vapes, whether you’re a beginner or pro. We know it’s important to get it right, which is why we work hard to provide everyone with all the necessary facts and information. We even produce electronic cigarette tutorials. Visit our website for more information on the products we sell and the support we offer. 

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